Vampires have invaded Cardano blockchain!

Vampire Invasion collection

Vampire Invasion Collection

About the project

The Vampire Invasion is a collection that started with 10,000 unique NFTs. Each piece depicts a hand-drawn vampire character whose rarity is based on over 400 traits.

All the following drops are collaborations that function in a 'Burn-to-Buy' manner, meaning the OG Vampires serve as a fee for a limited-edition NFT.

Benefits of owning Vampire Invasion NFTs:

  • Rewards in $BLOOD tokens just for holding (Vampires from 'Burn collaborations' receive double the rewards)
  • Every Vampire will be a playable character in our Vampire Playground game
  • Vampire NFTs will act as governance tokens, giving our supporters a voice in our roadmap decisions
Vampire Invasion Collection


What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are non-interchangeable digital assets – such as a 3D model, song, picture, or video. Their ownership has been authenticated and stored on a database called a blockchain. NFTs can be collected, sold, and traded on various online platforms. To learn more, go to

What is a policy ID?

Policy ID is a unique identifier that is permanently attached to an asset. Since asset names are not unique and can easily be duplicated, Cardano NFTs need to be identified by a policy ID. It stems from a policy script that defines characteristics, such as who can mint tokens and when those actions can be made.

Projects tend to make policy IDs, under which their NFTs were minted, publicly available so buyers can recognise fraudulent NFTs from the original tokens.

The policy ID for Vampire Invasion is:

Is Vampire Playground already available to play?

We are working hard to bring the Vampire Playground to you as soon as possible. The alpha version will be released in October 2022. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to get the latest news and updates on game development!

Who is behind the project?

Vampire Invasion is created by bajuzki studio – a team of aspiring artists and developers who believe in the potential of blockchain technology. We have been releasing captivating NFTs for over a year - including the first ever comic book on the Cardano. And now, we have an upcoming NFT-utilising game – the Vampire Playground!

We operate with a 'GOAL' - Getting Others to Adopt and Learn Cardano. Our team contributes to this cause not just with our projects but also by helping others in the community. We aim to do our part in making the Cardano blockchain a commodity widely used around the globe.