Vampire Invasion collection

In March 2022, we released the Vampire Invasion collection containing 10,000 vampire characters. Each piece is a unique, hand-drawn NFT with a rarity based on over 400 traits.

Not only are they highly collectable, but their owners will also receive $BLOOD tokens every epoch just for holding. The most exciting fact is that every Vampire NFT will be a playable 3D character in our Vampire Playground game.

Since March 2022

Vampire Invasion Collection

Burn Collaborations

All Vampire Invasion collaborations function in a 'Burn-to-Buy' manner, meaning there is 2 Vampire Invasion NFTs + 20 ADA fee to get a limited-edition Vampire. This way, our supporters can collect Vampires featuring other Cardano projects, and the OG Vampires will become much scarcer.

Owners of 'Burn collaboration' Vampires earn double the $BLOOD token rewards for holding. Moreover, these NFTs will have dedicated zones and quests in the Vampire Playground game!

Goal: Release at least 5 Burn collaborations featuring Cardano NFT projects.


Vampire Invasion Collection

Blood tokens

$BLOOD will be an on-chain utility token with an uncapped supply that will play a significant role in our ecosystem. $BLOOD token owners will have access to additional content, both inside and outside the Vampire Playground game.

Our supporters can also use these tokens to acquire a Bloodline NFT, granting them the power to create the new-generation Vampire NFTs! Vampire Invasion holders will receive $BLOOD each epoch just holding, and they can acquire more through engaging with our project.

Since October 2022

Vampire Invasion Collection

The Vampire playground

Vampire Playground is a multiplayer role-playing game built on our NFT collection. The focus is on creating a fun experience for the Vampire Invasion holders by providing them with a space to attend events, chat, hang out, and play together. Anything from battling bosses and other players to searching hidden treasures and fulfilling quests - the Vampire Playground has it all!

To make things interesting, the game avatars will possess different skills based on what Vampire Invasion NFTs they represent. Explore the fantasy world of Adalchia by flying, riding a mount, or walking, and immerse yourself in an intricate story of chaos and destruction!

Since October 2022

Vampire Invasion Collection

Our goal

Ultimately, we strive to secure strategic partnerships with gaming and metaverse projects to bring more utility to our NFT holders. Even though we operate on the Cardano, we will decide whom to partner with based on their project's potential, not the blockchain they use.


Vampire Invasion Collection